Centralisation Of Distribution

Centralisation Of Distribution


Producer of aluminium rolled products


A restructuring took place within the framework of auditing and optimising logistics structures for supply and waste disposal of the plant location for the manufacture of aluminium rolled products. The high-quality demand-responsive supplying of the European plants was to take place in future through a central distribution warehouse at a new location. The economic, flexible, on-time and reliable supplying of the client was to be realised through efficient cooperation with a professional service provider. In conjunction therewith, measures for optimising the supply chain have been planned and implemented.

Our Services

  • Develop a demand-responsive logistics concept for the plant location
  • Optimise the plant’s transport by lorry and rail of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Analyse and reorganise inner plant transport
  • Concept planning for a central distribution warehouse at the plant location
  • Prepare RFQ for service providers for incoming/outgoing transports
  • Support sourcing process and recommend a suitable service provider for sourcing
  • Support the realisation of the new central distribution warehouse until start-up

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