Concept For Warehouse Expansion

Concept For Warehouse Expansion


Regionally brick-and-mortar retail chemists


Growth in the article assortment, the number of stores due to a higher branch density and regional growth demand the expansion of logistics capacity and performance at the warehouse location. The existing warehouse infrastructure was to be analysed concerning the optimum expansion concept within the different options of expanding the premises.

Our Services

  • Prepare client raw data (customer data) and allocate material master data with packaging and delivery units
  • Define handling properties for optimum allocation to the order-picking zones
  • Analyse and coordinate growth from the article assortment by means of diversifying the offered product range
  • Deduce and classify the future planned quantities from the structure actual data and growth data determined
  • Prepare variants with alternative systems and gradual expansion options
  • Determine the investment and operating costs relevant for a comparison of the developed variants

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