Logistics Concept Central Warehouse

Logistics Concept Central Warehouse


Sugar industry


A full warehouse for finished goods and continuous sales growth have been a challenge for our client. The leasing of additional capacity in external warehouses was only possible at locations far from the site of production, and inefficient logistics processes had led to high logistics costs. HPMlog were entrusted with the task of finding a way to meet the future demands ensuing from growth by formulating a sustainable logistics concept and creating a central external warehouse and at the same time optimising and permanently lowering the cost of logistics and storage.

Our Services

  • Define data needs for the requirements analysis
  • Record actual/target data using questionnaires
  • Design the future material flow
  • Dimension warehouse and logistics areas for a central external warehouse
  • Select the optimum warehouse and conveyor technology for efficient and affordable processing
  • Determine the level of automation and mechanisation
  • Develop alternative warehouse layouts and coordinate the optimum variant with the client
  • Calculate investment costs

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