Logistics Concept Plant Layout

Logistics Concept Plant Layout


Pharmaceutical manufacturer


Within the framework of factory planning, a logistics concept was to be developed for step-by-step implementation and designed to optimise the interaction between production and logistics in regard to layout and processes. The now centralised goods in stock have been reduced and a continuous material and information flow introduced.

Our Services

  • Record actual material flow and actual processes
     extrapolate quantity structure according to future growth considering internal projects, e.g. implementation of new machines
  • Prepare a concept requirements catalogue  for the areas inbound/outbound, sampling cabin, central warehouse, transfer aisle and locks and map first optimisation potentials
  • Optimise total plant layout
     Rearrangement of the space functions, incl. drug grinding and warehouse as well as central automatic palletizing
  • Develop sampling concept (cabin equipment, automation, ventilation / laminar flow and buffer) in conjunction with the introduction of scanner use in inbound (target processes, documents / labels used, interfaces and hardware)
  • Prepare lock concept that considers the different clean room classes (buffer stocks, de-palletizing, expansion and automation)
  • Dimension central warehouse (storage shape, automation and construction requirements site occupancy index, cubic index)
  • Estimate implementation effort (deadlines and costs) for prepared logistics concept
     Modification requirements during running operation and step-by-step concept

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