Master Planning & Process Optimisation

Master Planning & Process Optimisation


Plant manufacturer in the segment Photovoltaic and Solar Collector Production


Global development of renewable energies requires a rapid adjustment of production capacities to be able to keep pace with the growth of the solar industry and to expand the competitive position. New technologies and flexible forms of technology partnering are also to be considered for the expansion. This also applies to the material flow, processes and complete logistics.

The original project task was the planning of a warehouse expansion. During project execution, additional growth requirements arose from the market and new logistical master planning and process optimisation also had to be pushed for the further expansion of the location. Ultimately, the foundation for service and spares logistics was also to be laid.

Our Services

  • Develop a logistics master plan considering the product divisions, service divisions and integration in a complete logistics concept
  • Optimum space utilisation with maximum flexibility for warehouse equipment in a hall infrastructure that had already been completed
  • Optimum use of the “old” warehouse zones by establishing logistics for specific product lines
  • Ensure the move and migration during actual operations without significant interruptions
  • Implement supply concepts that meet the requirements, including Kanban, packaging concepts, component prefabrication
  • Integrate transport warehouse and call-off management by means of a warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Plan, RFQ and sourcing of a new assembly supply warehouse
  • Support implementation and change management for a new supplying of assembly
  • Support the introduction of a new WMS, targets for test management

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