Planning Conveyor Technology

Planning Conveyor Technology


Connector distributor


In commerce, logistics is the decisive factor in competition. On the market for connectors, service and logistics play an even more important role: the customised staging of ordered goods – whether in the customer’s Kanban containers or as ready-to-use assembly set on a wind turbine nacelle, the distributor’s logistics are challenging.

In addition to the distributor’s Kanban containers, a variety of customised Kanban containers are used in the shipping area. This requires not only efficient order picking from the vast range of articles, but also staging the articles in the right customer container in the shipping zone.

Our Services

  • Develop an optimum concept for customer container packaging with a link to the existing container conveyor technology
  • Plan the pallet and container conveyor technology
  • Plan ergonomics at the workstations
  • Describe the technology and support sourcing

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