Plant Extension Pharma Production

Plant Extension Pharma Production


An international bio-tech company


After integrating an acquired producer of biopharmaceutical products in the group, a plant extension was to be made in the areas of production and logistics. HPMlog were entrusted with the task of realising optimum in-plant logistics processes at the existing location and integrating them in the growing/new production areas. HPMlog have planned the logistics centre, the automatic high bay warehouse with varying temperature zones, and optimised the adjacent zones such as inbound and outbound, sampling and dispensing cabins as well as production supply. Within the framework of planning, the major material flows were simulated. GMP/FDA regulations were to be considered in the design and planning (concept, basic and detail design) of all areas.

Our Services

  • Define and coordinate engineering and scheduling targets
  • Deduce the optimum material flow concept and define an efficient degree of automation (material and information flow)
  • Simulate the material flow
  • Develop and coordinate an internal container concept
  • Risk analysis for the logistics subsystems
  • Prepare draft and approval planning, including a detailed cost overview
  • Link the conveyor technology to the existing plant zones
  • RFQ for logistics systems for the fully automatic high bay warehouse and the automatic guided transport system as well as carry out the sourcing process
  • Support implementation of the logistics systems

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