Potential Analysis Central Distribution

Potential Analysis Central Distribution




The target: Permanently lower logistics costs
The approach: Centralisation of distribution logistics

HPMlog have carried out a potential analysis for an international brewery group on how with the creation of a new centralised distribution warehouse, logistics costs can be permanently reduced by means of optimising and utilising synergies. The planning of the new location concept with optimised processes and the migration to centralised distribution served as the basis for an evaluation of the savings potentials vis-à-vis the status quo. This has provided the client with the means to make a decision to define the economic and strategic orientation of their logistics.

Our Services

  • Analyse and map the actual situation (processes, quantities, personnel and costs)
  • Determine and define capacity and performance data
  • Prepare static and dynamic concept requirements
  • Develop and map a “greenfield” concept variant
  • Quantify potentials and synergiesn
  • Study alternative manual and automatic logistics systems
  • Select the preferred variant
  • Prepare and present the results as a decision proposal

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