Supply Chain Design & Training

Supply Chain Design & Training


Technology group with a large automotive division


Production networks of international groups are constantly evolving with product innovations and changing market conditions. The organisation must constantly adapt to new processes and integrate group templates. Supply chain processes and internal/external cooperation in the planning as well as management of production and distribution face new challenges, which can only be mastered by adopting consistent change management.

In practical training, optimum cooperation in planning and management processes is to be improved. Far from the daily problems, the weak points of daily cooperation are to be clarified and new rules agreed.

Our Services

  • Record and analyse the planning and control process at a location
  • Compile training documents in coordination with production planning and control
  • Develop suitable training documents and simulation games
  • Hold change management workshops
  • Prepare a results report and action plan for the company management to continue the initiated activities in change¬†process
  • Roll-out of the approach and training at two other locations

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