International production networks and supply chains that integrate the customer are already a reality at leading consumer goods manufacturers. However, they are subject to the dynamics of market changes, product modifications and realignment of corporate strategy due to a change in the terms of reference.

The variety of projects reflects the diversity of the FMCG sector

In addition to complex network and organisational projects, HPMlog’s project experience in the FMCG sector is as diverse as their customers and their products. Whether warehouse planning, factory planning, warehouse and transport outsourcing, supply-chain-driven projects in procurement pooling and cooperating on transport: HPMlog’s project experience is vast in each of these areas. Talk to us, and we will map out the optimum approach to your task.

Set up international production and distribution networks to accommodate the markets

By using optimisation methods supported by tools and calculations, we determine the optimum locations for our customers taking into account delivery costs and service level. Given the economic aspects, this is an important driver in network optimisation. For a holistic analysis and evaluation of economic implementability, however, it is necessary to analyse potentials and restrictions in given production and warehouse locations as well as to consider process complexity.

HPMlog advise customers in an integral manner. We not only use network tools, but also focus on the practical implementation of optimised networks in processes and on capacities at network hubs.

New organisational structures demand a new process landscape

Driven by the integration of locations or the outsourcing of organisational units, responsibilities and processes along the entire supply chain are realigned. Cross-functional IT structures are introduced and rolled out. We support these projects, provide content and also take the required change management to a successful implementation.

Selected projects