In the food & beverage industry, producers have to weigh the balance between strict requirements at affordable prices from the standpoint of trade and at the same time meet stricter standards in production. The current trend to healthy, vital nutrition has resulted in a need for quality changes (HACCP) in the production process and production environment. Standards, which in the past were applied in life science & pharmaceutical companies, are increasingly part of the expansion of production facilities and new plans in the food & beverage industry.

More than just food

Together with you HPMlog develop a concept that considers hygiene and handling requirements, seasonal fluctuations on the procurement and sales side as well as the in some cases very rigorous FIFO/FEFO targets. We support you to find the right concept for your refrigeration chain, for batch and empties management as well as to select the right distribution structure. We also develop topics such as hygiene concepts, material pass-through and personnel locks as well as sampling during the production process. Without interrupting your operations, we help you introduce and implement the concept so that ideas produce concrete solutions.

Selected projects

SCM Plant Layout

Potential Analysis Central Distribution

Logistics Concept Central Warehouse