Logistics in the pharmaceuticals industry are characterised by a demand for excellent hygiene and the uninterrupted and total traceability of goods throughout the entire procurement, production and distribution process. The current consolidation phase in the pharmaceuticals industry is driven by stagnating sales and cost pressure and has resulted in restructuring in the supply chain and production sequences. You profit from our vast, industry-wide experience so that your company can ready itself to meet the market’s future challenges.

Strict requirements demand the greatest diligence

We offer you integrated planning that considers the relevant clean room requirements (GMP and FDA) from the receiving, sampling, repalletizing, multi-stage production processes, weighing cabins and packaging stages (primary and secondary). It is here that we focus on lean processes. If necessary, the material flow is simulated.

Optimisation of the flow of material and personnel by introducing a corresponding personnel lock concept as well as the systematic use of conveyors and determining the level of automation are elements of every HPMlog proposal.

To support your administrative processes, we also make our experience in the use and introduction of IT systems available to you to guarantee the flow of information as well as traceability, e.g. labels and scanning, parallel to the flow of goods.

Selected projects