The classic arguments in favour of outsourcing are the expected costs savings, an improvement in efficiency and a future ability to focus on core business. This is certainly true in many cases. Still every case requires careful consideration and thorough preparation. The decision to outsource a project has a major impact on a company and is only successful if it is absolutely clear what the existing processes and requirements as well as the mutual expectations are. It must be clear both to the company that has requested a quotation as well as also to the service provider submitting a proposal, and the processes and requirements must be mutually settled by agreement. Reliable, long-term cooperation can only be undertaken and function on equal footing so that the partners are able to satisfy their customers on the market.

Clarify outsourcing potentials and terms of reference

HPMlog support your make-or-buy decisions. Individual questions about process know-how, personnel issues, use of property, investments, and IT connectivity play an important role in addition to purely economic aspects. We support you to create the right transparent terms of reference for outsourcing so that the foundation is laid for long-term and fair cooperation with service providers and partners.

Requesting quotations on the shipper’s side

Requests for quotations are the basis for a later logistics service agreement. A carefully prepared description of tasks with specific processes, interfaces and planned quantities as well as definite rules of cooperation are the foundation of a motivated cooperation of service providers. Based on vast experience in outsourcing projects in a variety of scopes and in different sectors, we guarantee a clear description of tasks. We accompany the request process, support contractual negotiations and manage a successful ramp-up. An independent sparring partner is often helpful, particularly during start-up when it comes to solving challenges of critical situations professionally.

Support during tendering and optimising operations on the service provider side

We also work for logistics service providers. Our knowledge of ‘both sides’ of outsourcing projects allows us to prepare clear and structured proposals using process planning and calculation tools. Without interrupting operations, our concepts inspire long-term customer loyalty – by providing a bespoke IT integration for the customer or a specific “solution partnership” between logistics service providers and their customers.

Selected projects

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