Successful industrial development also includes the development of a logistics infrastructure. This can include industrial parks, the development and expansion of freight centres or the development of business and logistics parks. We also develop integrated city logistics concepts for supply and disposal models for residential, office and selling spaces for new urban developments.

Address project development with the market in mind

The development of publicly funded logistics and industrial sites must primarily be oriented on market conditions. Use concepts and operator models are geared to the development of local trade structures or to the transport infrastructure. Successful financing concepts include private investors at an early stage who have recognised the development’s economic feasibility. HPMlog help you push development in line with market conditions.

Pragmatic planning for long-term flexibility and profitability

The long-term ability to use and expand logistics space flexibly is generally planned at the time the master plan is actually fleshed out. Cost-effective development planning guarantees marketability and the adjustment of area size on the one hand and on the other the supplying of developed properties in a manner that meets the requirements. In the case of publicly funded building investments for lease or sale of logistics spaces, the usual market requirements for building height, the bearing capacity of the soil, column support grid or fire safety requirements are to be considered in warehouse planning. HPMlog develop the planning concept for you to meet these requirements.

Marketing support

We support public institutions in the marketing of industrial and logistics spaces. This includes pragmatic market and needs analyses, marketing concepts and active support in the search for solutions for potential customers.

Selected projects