The market transparency provided by the Internet has stepped up competition. Consequently, customer service has become a decisive competitive factor. The driver of service is logistics. Increasing competition is impacting both stationary over-the-counter trade as well as the burgeoning e-commerce business. It is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the two. Individual branches of trade such as fashion face particular challenges in the handling of their returns.

Efficiency and reliability are compulsory – Improved customer service and speed discretionary

Automation in logistics is traditionally measured by productivity rates. However, automation is increasingly being used to improve process reliability, intrinsic safety and scalability. We plan the material flow and warehouse solution that is best for you technically and without being tied to a specific manufacturer. This allows us to improve the level of service to the customer or in the branch, e.g. with solutions designed for rack-based order picking.

Cooperation with suppliers requires changes in supply chains

By involving suppliers more in branch deliveries, cross-dock concepts and assortment-based reassessment of direct and drop shipping, new requirements are drafted for network structures and must be adapted. We have the right methodology and tool set to take these projects to measurable success.

Selected projects

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