The challenge in the spare parts business is to improve the service level and guarantee the availability of parts worldwide despite the constantly increasing diversity of parts. Efforts of companies to provide a specific level of service and parts availability are rewarded in the service and spares business where margins are greatest. Good spare parts management also ensures customer loyalty to the company and sustainable market shares.

From strategy to implementation

HPMlog support you as you develop a spares strategy that takes your corporate and sales strategies into account. Using mathematical methods, we determine the distribution network that is best for you, that meets your service requirements and provides the right combination of centralisation and decentralisation. From this we plan optimum location concepts with a warehouse model that leaves you prepared for the future. With the right operating concept and an informed make-or-buy decision, we support you as you request quotations for service providers and transport. We accompany your project until its successful ramp-up and ensure that all scheduling, budgetary and quality targets are met.

Keep your ongoing spares business transparent with inventory strategy

We meet the challenges associated with the increasing diversity of parts with a bespoke inventory strategy designed to meet your company’s needs. If the parts variety is minimal we also study to what extent it would make sense to separate spares business from series business under the aspects of economic feasibility and service.

Selected projects