"Operating successfully in global sourcing and sales markets requires flexibility, reliability, and transparency within the supply chain."


"Process and service-oriented IT structures ensure business success and obtain the acceptance of employees."


"With a sustainable operational concept and an individual material flow solution our costs are always under control."


◼ Stock management
◼ Supply concept
◼ Network planning
◼ Organisation & Structure
◼ In- & Outsourcing
◼ Change management

The focus of and interaction within a supply chain must constantly be adjusted to keep pace with changing market requirements. Partners and people who are part of the supply chain are expected to assume responsibility.

HPMlog optimally adjust regional and global production and supplier networks to meet market requirements. We optimise the production network while taking into account dynamic transport markets. For new networks we develop sustainable warehouse strategies and coordinate the close collaboration of partners within the supply chain.

We help our customers to design their supply chain and optimise the flow of material, information and finances. We determine the optimum approach by simulating network alternatives and influencing factors. Using pragmatic change management, we realise efficient organisational structures along the supply chain.