Coaching The Planning Process

Coaching The Planning Process


Branded goods company with a vast assortment in the consumer goods and industrial sector


New production technologies, changed output volumes and shifts in the international production network of different plants are accompanying developments that lead to the planning of a plant expansion. The experienced team of in-house engineers in the divisions Production, Logistics, Structural Engineering and Building Services are to contribute their existing knowledge as best possible to the planning of the expansion. It was for this reason that HPMlog have been commissioned with the coaching of the planning process. In addition to providing creative input in the area of logistics, the planning process is to be supported and coordinated.

Our Services

  • Development of the quantity structure for development and the source-sink relationships
  • Determine the space requirements for the production and warehouse zones
  • Introduce and discuss different staging technologies and in-house transport equipment
  • Compare different warehouse technologies to be used in production
  • Compare the staging alternatives for consumables and packing materials
  • Input in the planning workshops
  • Prepare the surface balance and deduce recommendations for action
  • Check and review plans