Construction New Cold Store

Construction New Cold Store


Logistics service provider


The economical and efficient handling and storage of fruits are a challenge, given the special demands of this area. Maintenance of a closed cold chain and smooth handling in all process steps are paramount. By implementing the new construction of a climate-controlled warehouse with fully automatic storage technology from the planning stage to acceptance, improved in-house logistics processes were realised at the existing location and integrated in the existing logistics areas. Selection of the optimum logistics solution is the prerequisite for implementation of the logistics overall concept to meet future demands for performance and growth.

Our Services

  • Define and coordinate the logistics concept for the smooth material and information flow
  • Select the optimum logistics solution
  • Manage the tendering process and bidder negotiations
  • Accompany the implementation of the conveyor, warehouse and control technology
  • Coordinate performance of logistics contractors with the building owner
  • Progress and quality control: define and coordinate technical and scheduling targets
  • Identify and document higher and lower costs
  • Record and trace defects during implementation and test
  • Prepare and support all test phases (static, functional, dynamic) and subsequent integration test
  • Prepare and carry out approval of systems and logistics crafts including documentation
  • Define and inspect spare parts package