Logistics Concept Trade Fair Location

Logistics Concept Trade Fair Location


Subsidiary of a regional authority for urban development


Development of a logistics concept for trade fairs and events in a listed building, for the open-air space in front of the building as well as access routes. HPMlog have developed a logistics concept, which, depending on the type and size of the event, provides an appropriate standard solution to logistics questions  and utilisation of the available spaces.

Our Services

  • Conduct interviews with project participants (district developers, fair organisers, traffic planners, police, environmental agencies and heritage protection organisations)
  • Deduction and coordination of the requirements
  • Requirements analysis (spaces, vehicles and equipment)
  • Survey of inland transport and the current parking and storage concept (vehicles, equipment and material)
  • Develop and evaluate logistics concepts and variants
  • Develop a preferred concept that incorporates the necessary flexibility (change in trade fair and event split)
  • Prepare documentation to incorporate the total traffic concept