Logistics Functional Concept

Logistics Functional Concept


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Hafencity, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe, is currently under construction in the city of Hamburg. Within Hafencity, the Überseequartier district with its mixed usage consisting of housing, office and retail space is the largest single project. A colourful combination of buildings in outstanding architecture is evolving along the boulevard. HPMlog have been given the task of developing a logistics functional concept for building supply and waste disposal. Architectural, urban development, regulatory permits and use restrictions have constituted a demanding framework for the task.

Our Services

  • Record and incorporate the requirements for the district’s urban development concept
  • Determine the assumptions in terms of quantity and quality regarding the logistics functions, including the volume of traffic, form of delivery and load carriers
  • Describe quality of logistics areas of operation
  • Describe organisational propositions
  • Dimension spaces in building layout
  • Determine the traffic zones and waiting areas, including vehicle classes and delivery concepts
  • Documentation and engineering drawings of the logistics functions for supply and disposal of waste
  • Map material flows within the buildings over several storeys